SEPTEMBER 23–25, 2024

Brigid Mannarino

Brigid Mannarino
Director of Growth Marketing, MHW

Brigid Mannarino is the Director of Growth Marketing at leading beverage alcohol service provider MHW. She provides thousands of brands from more than 100 countries with industry news, guidance, and brand acceleration opportunities. Brigid educates the media, industry associations, and conferences on what it takes to successfully launch and operate a brand in the US. She serves on the DISCUS Public Affairs Committee.

Prior to leading growth efforts for MHW, Brigid led marketing agency teams on integrated brand identity and market research. She also served as the Brand Marketing Manager for an ultra-premium craft vodka brand where she created engagement and educational programs for consumers, retailers, brand ambassadors, mixologists, in-house and distributor salesforces, industry associations, and national media. She can personally attest to the power that a competition award, such as LVGSA, can drive for a taste-driven spirit on a crowded shelf or e-commerce site.