SEPTEMBER 23–25, 2024

Heidi Milla Anderson

Heidi Milla Anderson
Tequila Educator and Consultant

Heidi Milla Anderson is a Tequila Educator and Consultant in Nashville, Tennessee certified in Tequila Culture through the Tequila Regulatory Council. The deep-rooted history of agave spirits along with her Hispanic heritage impels Heidi to spread what she calls “The Gospel of Agave.” Heidi strongly advocates for authentically made Tequilas; Tequilas respectfully produced from earth to bottle.

Formerly engaged in the spirits industry as a brand ambassador and sales representative, Heidi’s knowledge and enthusiasm for Tequila has been conducive in successfully launching multiple tequila brands in Tennessee. In 2020 she was featured in Tequila Aficionado Magazine, Profiles in Agave Spirits. In 2022 she was commissioned by Master distiller, Melly Barajas Cardenas to create a series of social media cocktail videos for Melly's brand, Tequila Leyenda De Mexico.

Heidi can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as @LaTequilaMamacita where Tequila tasting reviews, production methods, significance of terroir, customized cocktail recipes and food pairings are featured. She is also cohost of the weekly Instagram live show, @TheTequiladies, featuring interviews with various industry professionals. Heidi also enjoys cooking, song writing and singing. Her self-written parody, Reposado, can be heard on @latequilamamacita Instagram and YouTube.