SEPTEMBER 23–25, 2024

Richard Davies

Richard Davies
Brand Founder/Director, Sláinte Brands International Ltd

Richard Davies is a seasoned business leader and a prominent figure in the global drinks industry. He embarked on his journey in the early 1990s after successfully completing a business and marketing degree in the UK. His initial focus was on the retail side of the alcohol industry, where he specialized in nurturing and expanding small bespoke independent on-premises drinking establishments, guiding them towards successful exits.

With a firm foundation of strong internal values, Richard has earned the trust and respect of his peers, making him a sought-after board member and senior business leader in the drinks industry. Over the course of his impressive 25-year career, he has played a crucial role in helping both UK and international drinks companies. Richard's extensive global personal and business network has proven to be an invaluable asset throughout his career.

As a natural leader with a decisive approach, Richard has effectively led teams to develop and execute growth strategies, maximizing business potential and ensuring utmost customer, brand, and employee satisfaction. He possesses exceptional interpersonal skills, allowing him to forge constructive relationships at all levels and effectively represent stakeholder interests while aligning with company objectives.

Driven by a forward-thinking mindset, Richard currently serves as the founder and master blend developer of Sláinte Irish Whiskey, a venture he leads with passion and dedication. His strategic acumen enables him to navigate risks, establish robust governance frameworks, and build high-performance teams that align with the overarching cultural visions and values of Sláinte.

In addition to his business prowess, Richard is a fully trained cocktail bartender, which he aptly describes as being a 'liquid chef.' This expertise led him to create The World's Most Awarded Rum in 2018, adding another accolade to his illustrious career.

He is also a proud business partner of Liev Schreiber, and together, they successfully launched Sláinte Irish Whiskey in 2022. The brand has rapidly expanded and gained recognition, securing distribution in seven states and winning over 30 international awards.

Richard's commitment to giving back is evident in his specialty of sourcing extremely rare casks of Irish Whiskey for his philanthropic program.

Beyond his professional achievements, Richard is a passionate chef, adding another dimension to his remarkable profile. This unique combination of skills and experiences makes Richard an ideal choice as a judge in the Las Vegas Spirits competition, where his discerning palate and industry expertise are sure to contribute significantly.

With Richard at the helm, Sláinte Irish Whiskey is poised for a promising future with a growing global presence.